Peter Douglas

the man and his music

-The Best Revenge Is Massive Succes-

´Stars On Frankie´ featured vocals by Peter Douglas, who in 1987 had won The Soundmixshow (the original Dutch format of TV show ´Stars in Their Eyes´) with his massive impersonation of Frank Sinatra. The single track became a Top 20 hit in the Netherlands, reaching #16 on the chart, and was also released in the rest of Continental Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.

Nowadays, Douglas has a successful career in music, not just by interpreting Sinatra's repertoire, but as a prominent crooner in his own right, singing both standards and evergreens as well as original material, releasing a series of singles and albums under his own name and touring in both Europe and the United States.

Stars On Frankie
Stars On 45 (Stars on Frankie)