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Peter Douglas

“A perfect personification of Frank Sinatra.”


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Take a look at how Peter Douglas gave his best during his Tribute Battle of the Battles in the SBS 6 program.

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Peter Douglas: the world’s best Frank Sinatra impersonator..

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What did we know about Peter Douglas in 1987? That his name was Jean-Pierre and he worked in fashion. We met him in Henny Huisman's Soundmix Show.
I was the chairman of the jury and I let myself go...
Something happened. Because what I saw and heard was astonishing: his creation of the young Frank Sinatra. Strong and convincing. He still is, as I recently discovered. And for those who want to hear it: the best sound mixer in the history of the show.
Jacques J. d'Ancona

From day 1 that I heard Peter Douglas sing, I have never understood that this fantastic singer and entertainer did not break through abroad, now that you are finally being appreciated after so many long years, I sincerely hope that you will now spread your wings abroad. can start to fly, this bird has to fly ✈️ I wish you the best 🤔 although it will be a great loss

Good luck my friend❤️

Love Connie💋

Frank Sinatra, two magical words in the American songbook. Who else in the world than our own Peter Douglas can keep the Sinatra flame burning with his voice full of passion?
Jan van den Berg

Former chairman International Sinatra Society Holland

Peter Douglas, our very first Soundmixshow winner. The Frank Sinatra of the Netherlands. A good, sweet, hardworking man who has all the tricks of the trade in his musical fingers. But above all, reliable and an agreement is an agreement. When he performs with his big band Bosco, you cannot believe that this is an imitation of Old Blue Eyes. He is Sinatra! A real sensation!
Henny Huisman

Peter Douglas. I was immediately a fan when I saw him win with Henny Huisman, a dear friend for years now. Proud!
Tineke de Nooij

Peter can not only sing well, but is a born entertainer! He is bursting with positivity and is also a nice person with a small heart.
Arthur van Dijk

Commissioner of the King

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Peter Douglas can be called one of the world’s best impersonators. Since he won the Soundmixshow in 1987 with his imitation of Frank Sinatra, he has been the most booked singer, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Peter Douglas

Master crooner


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